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Google Docs

You can tell that Cam23 apathy is starting to set because I am no longer able to think up silly titles to do with the Things we are supposed to be exploring. That being said, Thing 20 was easy-peasy-lemon-sqeezy 🙂 I have had a little bit of experience using Google Docs before, mainly for organising training timetables and sharing training plans for coming weeks, and also as a useful place to back stuff up, but I’d never tried the process of creating the document and sharing it.

I decided to create a little drawing and share it with a couple of colleagues – the drawing document type is very similar to ‘paint’ in that you can paste in a [cc licsensed] photo and draw silly things on it. This done, it was a simple (or so I thought) process to add their addresses to the ‘share with’ box and all’s done an dusted. In reality, if you have more than one email address for the intended target you need to make sure it’s the one they use to log in to their Google account with, otherwise they can’t get to it. You do have the option of sending them a link in an email that wil allow them access, but I haven’t always found this reliable and it works on the assumption that they’ll always be able to follow that link. Girl in the Moon, in the spirit of exploring things thoroughly, took the opportunity to edit the drawing, and that worked fine.

All in all, Google Docs is an excellent and simple way to work collaboratively on projects and library documents. I’m not so sure that it lends itself to sharing information with users, as I think there are more elegant and suitable ways to do this, but for staff document sharing it’s great – especially as it makes location no object at all and can be used from anywhere. Usual proviso of everyone needing an account for it to work well, and Google taking over the world blah, blah blah…