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Wikis and light at the end of the tunnel

Before this Thing I had absolutely no experience of Wikis whatsoever. I’d heard of them, but I’m not sure I could have given a succinct definition of what one was. Happily, this situation has now been rectified and they appear on first investigation to be very useful things.

As many of the Cam23 bloggers have already said, they look to be great for collaborative projects where information needs to be available and editable by many different people in diverse locations. The excellent and obvious example of how useful they can be is currently being demonstrated by the TeachMeet team.

External projects aside, wikis can be usefully employed for all sorts of things – a staff intranetty type thing is one that springs to mind, where you could incoporate departmental announcements, calendars, training plans and logs, and any other useful documentation that you want to be contributed to and available to all staff.

I’ve got one particular project on the go at the moment where several members of staff are working on various bits at various times, and a wiki would be an excellent way of co-ordinating our working practices and charting our progress – could be a great start to my Wiki career!

Obviously a careful eye has to be kept on contributions and edits of available information – a problem that has plagued Wikipedia from the start, but current Wiki software appears to offer quick and easy control over this, and so as long as you keep on top of things there is no reason why this should become a problem.