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Hello world!

Hello world indeed.

How predictable that when faced with a blank(ish) screen and an order to ‘write something’ my mind immediately empties of anything useful or witty to say, and instead fills with complete drivel. Fortunately, I’m not required to say anything witty (or indeed useful), but to reflect on what I hope to gain from following the Cambridge 23 Things program. This is week 2, and we’re already exploring ways in which social media *might* be useful to libraries. I say ‘might’, because I have to admit I’m yet to be convinced. My experience of social media to date has extended as far as Facebook, with which I struggle in some weird love/hate relationship, and not much further. I’m intrigued as to whether this strange attraction-repulsion will manifest itself with the other tools we’ll be exploring throughout the coming weeks, or whether with a less personal focus I’ll begin to feel more comfortable with the idea of an online identity. Either way I’ll be learning new things (Things?), and am look forward to reaching my own conclusions about the relevancy of social media to the profession.

Whatever the outcome, I hope I will have marshalled some convincing arguments in support (or otherwise) of web 2.0, and maybe even have got the bottom of exactly what it is I find so discomfiting about Facebook!